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Elemental Guardians

2008-02-07 12:51:42 by AndreiVenom

The Guardians are finally here!

After a very long period the first episode of the series has hit newgrounds. We tried to make it as good as we could and I think the wait was worth it. We had a lot of fun making it and all of it for you! (and for our egos of course :D)

Please watch and comment! Any ideas are welcome!

Hi all!

2007-11-11 14:23:26 by AndreiVenom


Just looking around...I'm a big fan of quality flash, but unfortunately I don't have the necessary drawing skills to make it, x_x, oh well...I'll just leave it to you, the proffesionals! :P

Currently, me and my friend, AlexUzi, are making a flash cartoon, the first episode of a series, called Elemental Guardians...I'm mainly with the script, and he's the boss of the artwork :D:D

C ya all, and happy ''flashing''!